Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fire cadets racing for the cure!

I was up before the sun today, yes that is strange I must admit. But my brother invited me to join up with the San Antonio Fire Department for the Komen race.  Doug and I headed to the Alamodome and I got some great pictures of the antique fire truck and of my brother starting the race and finishing the race.  As he crossed the finish line I couldn’t help but get overwhelmed with pride, love, and honor.  I felt he pushed the envelope to run that 5k to will cancer away from me, from everyone.  I remember at Christmas when I was in treatment and we got together with my dad’s family, all the cousins, I had stepped outside, bald as an eagle, and lost all the strength that holds your knees in place.  He was right there, out of nowhere, making sure I was okay.  Today, I felt like that all over again….

I went to the race to take pictures of my brother, and really with nothing else in mind.  I guess I had forgotten a lot of the stuff that happens there, like walking into the survivors’ tent through a two line train of young cheerleaders yelling for each survivor as we pass through.  I forgot about all the sponsors that are there handing out free food, water, scarves, and so much more. And apparently I had forgotten where we walked to and from last time.  I was in treatment when I went the first time, and Doug and I were talking about the route we had taken then. I couldn’t remember anything other than getting a carnation at the finish line, perhaps that’s why they handed them out!

After the race to find a cure already, we went and had breakfast at Crackle Barrel.  Our waitress, as chance would have it, lives up the street from us.  She is about a year older than my daughter, and of course we used to see her more when the kids were growing up.  I knew her baby brother had leukemia and her mom had battle breast cancer.  When she came up to our table she told Doug how much she liked his shirt, I think they said Inspire. Then she saw my survivor shirt and gave me a hug like my own daughter would. I asked about her family and she said her mom was battling breast cancer for the fourth time, this time in her liver…..

And then the day just fell into place. All the pink, all the cute t-shirt sayings, all the cancer sucks, all the everything – we come together as a group because we are helpless to do anything but come together. Cancer can strike, will strike, whether you’re skinny, fat, old, young, healthy, sick,…Sure it’s about raising money, but surely it’s about so much more….