Monday, February 24, 2014

Ayden turns one!!

What an amazing time I had this many memories engulfed me, while with one of my best friends, I was able to capture new ones.  So honored and blessed that Cathy asked me to photograph her beautiful son's first birthday. I can't wait to be there for every one after this!!  Ayden was a joy to watch and, well, I just couldn't take a bad picture with him in the frame. How easy a job is that?? He's already got swag, just look at this pose and face...

In his true self, he was such an agreeable toddler and went right along with the hello's and kisses.  After a while it was cake time. By his reaction, I don't think momma Cathy or daddy Alex give Ayden much cake!! Good think I was only taking pictures and not video recording, all you would have heard was my muffled giggling!! Ayden looked at the cake like it was a strange playdough.  

Have no fear though, he soon figured out that the round thing on his high chair tasted really good!! So glad I caught the moment when he decided sugar is yummy!! 

When I got home to edit the pictures I giggled just a little bit more.  Looking at this photo I couldn't stop thinking about those old department store photos with the vinyl back drops and how this picture sure looks like I dropped in the windmill and tree scene. Nope that was all thanks to the neighbor. This outdoor birthday was just perfect location, location, location. 

Thank you Cathy and Alex for letting me share this very special day with you.