Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zoe in hurrie!!!!!

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Is today November 10th? A little angel seemed to think so and decided birthdays of October 23 rock. 8 months ago, Zoe's parents asked me to photograph her birth. My excitement and anticipation grew every day this month knowing November 10th was just around the corner.  Much to my surprise, probably not as much surprise as the parents, Zoe's dad called me today and said "well, go ahead and get your camera."  I said without thought "sure", and almost finished the sentence with "what do you need photographed?" Then in the pause from brain to my mouth, the OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH followed. Zoe's mom started the labor process. We talked about how the first beauty, Ava, took 13 hours to make her arrival. I looked at the clock, noon. Dad and I both agreed we had time to get there. Plano clocks a lot more miles than I had to drive. 

On my lunch break I picked up the camera and went back to work. At 3:30 my cell rings. Zoe's aunt tells me "She's here!" Giddy for the mommy I thought and said out loud I'm sure, "Well, if I had to pick 15 minutes of labor or pictures....I go with the 15 minutes!!!"  After work I made my way up there and photographed the most precious, alert, and moving newborn ever.  Dad's voyage back from Plano was still happening, so I was extremely lucky to be there when he walked in and saw his baby girl for the first time. I knew they wanted me to catch the tender moments that happen between to people in love during the birth, but I think this was almost as good.  
Zoe's mom told me that Jesus was is the room for this birth. His presence could be felt along with all the love in the air. Congratulations to Zoe. She picked wonderful parents. 

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