Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sophia, classic and timeless

It was a dreary gray day. The rain tickled the streets that thirsted for more. My car seemed to find every puddle and swoosh the windshield disappeared under the wall of water from passing cars.  Normally a day like this would invite a nap, a good show, or well truth be told I’d be sitting in front of the computer editing pictures. But today the sun shined no matter what because today Sophia graced me with a photo shoot. She’s new to the modeling world and chose me to capture her timeless beauty. With bean bag, gear, bags, iced tea and golf umbrella, I clumsily got to April’s door (April is Sophia’s agent).  Within a few minutes with set up finished, Sophia gladly climbed up on the bean bag ottoman. We decided to take classic, eyes closed types of pictures. 

With every click of my camera clarity emerged from behind my lens – surely Sophia practiced this eyes closed mouth shaped perfectly pose. A natural I tell you, she was a natural!!
We got a few costume changes in before Sophia had to be carried off by her other agent Robert to get cleaned up. Seems the ottoman, lights, backdrop and such relaxed Sophia a bit much, and well, oops, “it” happens. While the wardrobe experts fiddled with the clothes for Sophia I had two excellent stand ins who gladly emulated the same Sophia pose. 

Another one of Sophia’s fans stepped into the picture and gently kissed her forehead for yet another timeless classic photo.
All in all the day proved sunshine and smiles, one frame at a time.


It rained, a lot. I was soaked getting the gear out. I dumped my tea while trying to hold on to the umbrella and stuff. I got everything set up in April and Robert’s house.  Sophia the sweet baby was just wonderful for the pictures. After a bit, and I should have noticed from the pictures of her belly, she pooped. And peed. Then her siblings joined in – the picture taking, not the peeing and pooping. Her teenage brother gave her a sweet kiss. It was a blast taking these pictures and I’d do it all again. Oh yes, and the sun came out and the dog wanted a picture too. 

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