Sunday, September 14, 2014

Driving up memory lane

This unusually cool September Texas morning, found me on a country road heading to a photo shoot. 

(lovely family photo session today)
I mapped the location and the most direct route turned out to be going down memory lane toward Aunt Gloria and Uncle Ralph’s ranch.  I headed east on Sulpher Springs road and with each mile I drove I went further and further back. I remember riding in the car with Aunt Gloria with hot tacos in hand to sell at the gas station they owned at the big intercession. I could see myself pushing the buttons on the old cash register and my aunt peering at the men who even looked at me funny with her voice crackling in fury, “She’s only thirtheen!!!”  

I’m smiling as I continue back down memory lane finally to a place where I was driving my green Opel with my cousin Yvette next to me as we headed out.  As I made that all too familiar curve in the road I could hear us talking to each other and of course laughing about one thing or another when all of the sudden, swoosh! The driver’s side mirror disappeared!! I pulled the car over into the grass and we both got out staring at the road in disbelief. Just like that, it flew off. Within a few seconds we were laughing hysterically.  It took a while to get back in the car as I would be stopping laughing then look at her and start again, then she would try to stop laughing and look at me!!! We gave up, did that laughing sigh thing, and got back on the road… how I miss her everyday.

 My car kept driving today since I had to go past the road the ranch was on to someone else’s ranch to capture their memories.  I guess that is life though, making memories to last a lifetime and keep moving forward. 

(photos from today's photo session)

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