Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ten little fingers, ten little toes

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Having only had one child, I never got to see the expression on a sibling's face when a new little brother or sister arrived. Photography has led me to some special places so far….and so far this is probably the best. I was blessed to take pictures of this new little bundle of joy.  
Although her parents have other children already, being in the room with just them and baby really made me feel as though this was their first, they were so happy.  The daddy beautifully cradled his newest daughter with tender hands sweetly holding her tiny little head in the palm of hand.  She would whimper a gentle song and the three of us would all stare. Such a beauty only in the world for a few hours and totally captivating. 

As afternoon turned to evening, the anticipation grew of the siblings coming to meet the new baby sister.  I had camera in hand, and I was ready, but they were too quick for me. They came in the room a bit disoriented by the curtain dividing the front of the room. As soon as they stepped out from the curtain, the little ones’ eyes opened so wide, mouths gaped open, and the hands reached out to touch the baby.  She in turn must have recognized all the voices as she opened her eyes as to say hello.  

It wasn’t long ago, just a few short years when the two smallest were being awed by the oldest brother.   What a miracle life is. What a miracle it is that this little one even comes to the world! And I got to see what homegrown love really means.

What a privilege and honor it was to capture these moments. 

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